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Morals from the Fable of Health

Let us begin with the most commonly and easily understood fable on Health. It goes like this…There was once a generous king who became very lazy to the extent of eating and sleeping alone. When he realized that he couldn’t even move his body, he started looking for some treatment. Unfortunately, even after spending a lot of money, nobody could cure him. Then, a holy man visited his place and claimed to fix his health problem. But he invited the king to walk to his place for treatment. Somehow, with great difficulty, the king went to his place but the holy man wasn’t there. Instead, he had left a humble message for him to visit again the other day. The king kept coming to his place for a week but could never find the man. However, walking from the palace to his place made him realize that his problem was lack of exercise. He was thus able to fix it by himself and regain his health. The kingdom prospered again with the healthy king. That’s why we say Health is Wealth!

We all are well aware of this fact. Still we trip and fall in the face of ill-health. Neglect, environmental pollution, Infection, poor nutrition & lack of exercise are some common factors. It has become difficult to stay healthy in an unhealthy world. Yet, it is important!

The world at large faces the same situation. While it may seem that the dangers to good health are difficult to avoid, our sagacity will empower you.

In the Pink aspires to protect you from the potential health detriments, reduce stress, and boost your immune system, thereby optimizing your health.

Living in a Rainbow of Health

We are the entrepreneurs who have been creating Wellness in the lives of thousands of people for the last 7 years. During this tenure, we have seen how some factors directly influence people’s health. For e.g. the inevitable impact of the environment we live in, our lifestyles, nutrition, etc. Their effects cannot be evaded. And since we live in a not so pure environment, tend to have sedentary lifestyles marked by poor nutritional choices; there should be some kind of counteractive to settle the problem. In the Pink strives to provide that corrective effect. Besides, we aim to empower you with practical ways of achieving everlasting well-being.

Our Tools for your good health

We intend to provide you with all the essential and imperative details toward the path of wellness. Stay tuned to our blogs, stories and articles on good nutrition, role of supplements, practical ways to remain healthy, and simple habits for a brand new life that is full of vigor.

We wish that you remain ‘In the Pink’ forever!