Do you consume Aloe? This is what you need to know to reap its health benefits

Unraveling little-known facts of the miracle plant

Height : 12-16 inches, Root : fibrous, No stems, Fresh & thick leaves, Spiky margins, and a member of Lily family! It was the main ingredient in the home remedies of our grandmother.

You may call it Aloe vera, ghritkumari, kumari, katralai, gwar patha or the miracle plant. Its health & beauty benefits have ever drawn us all for its extensive use in daily life.

Nature always calls us back to raise the quality of our lives. Ah!..Those were the good old days when we could run to Dadi ma’s kitchen for every health concern.

An ideal digestive aid with numerous nutritional advantages, skin & hair health, wounds & insect bites, cholesterol management, oral health, immunity etc – Aloe vera’s regular use can restructure our bodies’ constitution just as nature had intended it to be.

Yet, allow us to give some important add-ons to your knowledge about Aloe Vera.

Points to consider before availing Aloe benefits for health

Nowadays, when a majority of health conscious population picks up aloe-based health drinks, it is essential to recognize the thin line between a regular and the finest end product.

  1. Are you consuming the right variant?

There are about 400 species of aloe vera plants in the world and only 4 are considered to hold nutritional qualities that are of value. The most powerful among them is Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

  1. Process of harvesting and manufacturing

It is imperative to understand the system of production when going for any kind of health product or supplement.

Aloe juice stays best when aloe leaves are freshly harvested by hand, stabilized (not processed), and then manufactured into final products under highest quality standards. It is better to harvest when the plant reaches its middle cycle i.e. it is neither too young nor old.

  1. Quality Certifications

There are many international bodies like Aloe Science Council that accredit and approve the wellness companies after thorough checkups of their standards in order to raise the bar in the industry. So, investigate and review before purchasing.

Current market is saturated with aloe based products ranging from age-defying facial treatments to delicious, antioxidant rich drinks. It is therefore important to discern and make informed choices.

Was that too much of aloe? Yes, because the idea is to keep you in the pink with many health benefits of pure Aloe!

Author: Latika Sawhney

Latika Sawhney is an expounder & entrepreneur in the wellness domain. She is also an adept freelancer in web content writing. Using suitable literary devices, along with the knowledge of modern business curves, she endeavors to manifest vital facts to the reader. Her purpose is to provide important information in a coherent manner to make better choices.

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