Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bugs bite!

An average schedule of a working individual starts at the crack of dawn. A morning routine is followed by many tasks at hand. Then there is some productive work. Soon, the day drifts into the postmeridian lull. Weariness embraces a crisp power nap. Dusk arrives. It is time to get refreshed with family & friends.

By the time night falls, the body is exhausted. There is an urge to repose. Tucking in the bed, it is time to catch the required Zzzs.

If your day & night can be framed into this easy arrangement, then perfect! You can skip this article. But if you are burning the candle on both ends or hit the hay late at night, please read on.

Timely & sound sleep is essential

Sleep optimization is eventually getting its much-owed prerogative. People are recognizing that burning mid-night oil in the name of hard work, extra production, night shifts, watching Netflix, or scrolling social media are neither going to turn them into superhumans nor make them ultra successful.

It turns out that poor sleep patterns can induce weight gain, reduced concentration & performance, increase the risk of heart disease and type II diabetes, depression, social apathy, and so forth.

In fact, a majority of highly successful people in the world grab their obligatory share of the slumber each night which is an average of 7-8 hours. Mr. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon prioritizes an 8-hour sleep every night, emphasizing that poor sleep is associated with decreased quality of decisions and interactions.

A renowned neuroscientist & sleep expert Mr. Matthew Walker explains in his book, Why we Sleep, that an enriched sleep plays an important yet subtle role in living a healthy life. He links sound sleep to learning abilities, good memory & decisions, regulating emotions, healthy immune & metabolism.

Shifting bends of wellness

We have reached a scaffold which has already witnessed the snapping point of poor sleep habits. For a well-balanced life, masses are conceding to the fact that they cannot be highly productive without catching those vital 6-8 hours.

Possibly, this is the reason why more and more people are turning towards a holistic approach to health, realizing how sleep is connected to it and thus making lifestyle adjustments to improve insomnia and poor sleep habits.   

As a response to this trend, the market is also emerging with sleep accessories like relaxation oils, weighted blankets, healthier mattresses, etc as tools, cradling us to sleep.

Tips & tricks to catch the sleep crests

We all take time for our daily activities. In the same manner, there should be a consistent sleep routine. But we do not have to try much hard to get into the custom. Follow these pointers for a relaxing snooze:

  • Say No to alcohol & caffeine.
  • Spruce up your bedroom for the night.
  • Enrich your slumber space with the right temperature & least noise. Make it enjoyable & relaxing.
  • Dine at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Avoid longer naps during the afternoon.
  • Switch off electronic devices. Instead, read a good book in bed.
  • Workout during the day.
  • Take a relaxing shower before sleep.
  • Focus on your breathing pattern & try to relax.
  • Unwind yourself and let go.

Have a pleasant night sleep. Sweet dreams!

Author: Latika Sawhney

Latika Sawhney is an expounder & entrepreneur in the wellness domain. She is also an adept freelancer in web content writing. Using suitable literary devices, along with the knowledge of modern business curves, she endeavors to manifest vital facts to the reader. Her purpose is to provide important information in a coherent manner to make better choices.

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