Happiness is….A cup of tea! Get hold of it with Tea Floor

What is it that the people of the world covet? Its thirst is just like our yearning for glamour and beauty.

Whether we are feeling hot, cold, sad, excited, or happy, a cup of tea sets us into a calm state of mind! A few sips of tea are enough to make our world fresh. We carry on with a new outlook. Tea has been an inspiring and relaxing beverage since it was invented around 4700 years ago.

While you may be relishing your favorite cup of chai in your own tailor-made style, allow us to open a new world of this venerable drink which will quickly make way from your tongue to your heart, moistening your lips and throat, and showering you with the goodness of health!


Started in 2017 by Mrs. Kanchan Aggarwal, GPA Tea Floor Pvt. Ltd. is an online platform which offers unique selections of tea with premium variants. With its black, Green, Oolong, White, Herbal and Flavoured infusions, Tea Floor gives you an ample choice of tea by the garden, type, flavor and season of produce.

TeaFloor – The name suggests a single front store offering various types of tea for consumers in various spaces – be it retail buyers, corporate buyers, or B2B buyers.

An offering of heavenly taste with health protection

Tea holds a lot of health benefits but the way we consume it with milk and in excess makes it harmful for health, as putting milk alters the biological activities of its elements. At Tea Floor, we have blended taste, health, and quality for our discerning customers. Our platform is wide enough to reach the world audience.” says Ms. Kanchan Aggarwal explaining the novel concept of her company.

Tea Floor – An exclusive approach towards wellness

Tea Floor is not just another tea company booming in the market. With its diversified and extensive outlook, the company ruptures the bar of taste, price & quality and aims to play distinctly in the specialized market of wellness with its well-demarcated products.

The cited barriers which generally limit other tea companies in the market are bowled-over by Tea Floor with its quality sourcing and blending. Instead of offering a generalized product, Tea Floor brings together nutritionists and blenders to create a rich contribution. They further pair up with the marketer and bring out the relevant products for the target group.

A fusion of technology, health, and taste

Production of tea ensures best flavor and quality as the tea leaves are grown turn by turn, in the acidic soils. They get mature in the regions of Darjeeling, Assam, Nepal, Nilgiri, Dooars, Terai with heavy rainfall of 40 inches per year. Tea leaves are maintained in favorable weather conditions which further secure their desired length and essence. They are then hygienically blended with the chosen flavors.

The veracious blending of ingredients bring out the inherent health benefits of tea such as detoxification, weight management, reducing inflammation, heart health, relieving stress, just to name a few!

The Journey

The company aims to revamp the general concept of tea among the masses by educating them about the health benefits of various flavors and their methods of use. Their journey has been of gaining wisdom and information on tea and its benefits, its perception in India and abroad.

Our mentor Mr. Vivek Agarwal is from Kishanganj, Bihar. He had easy access and a network of tea garden and factories nearby, which aroused his interest in the field. Later, he managed and owned Belgachi Tea Estate – one of the very old tea gardens in Darjeeling belt, which brought him a lot of knowledge and exposure of the tea industry. Ms. Kanchan Agarwal, an adept in e-commerce and technology, understands what it takes to build the platform and hence we planned to take right blends to the larger audience which was different from the normal CTC tea.” says the marketing head of Tea Floor in an interview with us.

An undertaking by the experts

Tea Floor has a strong team of CEO, COO, strategic advisors, marketing consultants, highly experienced nutritionists and blenders who help create the right mix of offerings for their consumers.

Inspirations and future prospects

The company has been inspired by leading players in the market like TeaBox, Lipton, Tetley, Organic India. They are coming up with exclusive blends of tea catering to lifestyle issues and offering wellness benefits under the brand name of ChaiSpa.

2018 – The year of educated tea consumer

Consumers are increasingly becoming well-informed and they make conscious choices when it comes to wellness. And the tea market is an important part of it. Tea Floor aims to take up this trend with corporate engagement, HORECA reach, social and digital media to connect with their consumers.

Tea brought From Garden to Cup for you to enjoy!

Further details on Tea Floor can be fetched from www.teafloor.com

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