Recognizing Nutritional Void and How to Avoid

Can you hear what’s buzzing around? Ask  a colleague, friend or family member how life is and most of them will remark it as busy. In fact, most people are so occupied with their errands that they don’t even have time to enjoy their bath or food.

While we get swamped by loads of activities, remember that life is what happens while we are busy making other plans. Behind the maze of activities we are engaged in, like achieving professional targets, bringing up kids with real practical struggles, puzzling over a choice of junk food and a well-balanced diet, etc, something is happening. We may not realize it now but sooner or later it will show you its ugly face.

Take some common situations as an example:

  • Burnout
  • Stress
  • Limited free time
  • Inept care 

These are the side effects of our busy life and let me tell you what is happening on the other side of our overall health. An empty space is in construction! A space that fails to provide sufficient nutrients required for a lifelong vibrant health. The bad news is that this gap is opening up in our lives. It is called THE NUTRITIONAL VOID!!

What is Nutritional Void? 

To understand nutritional void, let us share some eye-opening facts about our body, medicines and diseases while simultaneously showing you how to avoid them while creating a culture of wellness:

Familiar Health Dilemmas misread..

Have you ever suffered these common problems? – aches & pains, circulatory problems, poor concentration, dandruff, infections, fatigue, depression, low energy levels. If yes, you may be aware that in such cases, standard medical tests merely show anything. Whereas, we may misinterpret them as weakness, laziness, normal aging.

Actually, our body tries to alert us about some kind of nutritional deficiency but sadly the message is grossly misunderstood.
And if these symptoms are not understood, they can result in illness. We must understand that disease can severely affect our life – What can be done? Go to a doctor? Yes, of course. 

Consider this fact that in such cases if the doctors prescribe the treatment, they do it in favor of drugs such as anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, etc. We need to understand that these drugs not only mask the symptoms but also deplete nutrient stores even further. Consequence? Accelerating of Degenerative process which will start causing more diseases & aging!

But you may ask, if we do not go to a physician, we may succumb to a serious illness. Here, we must realize that Ill Health is not an event, it’s a process. Nobody suddenly gets seriously ill. And in fact, once you become ill, you may end up in treatment for the rest of your life. Many people do not realize how great are the risks of developing a serious ailment although the evidence is all around them! We shall take some examples…

Examples of Common Illnesses and the crisis they bring along

  1. Diabetes…a frightening situation. It is increasing in younger people aged between 20 to 49 years. Studies show that nearly one third people do not even know they have it. To make matters worse, diabetes often brings with it other complications like heart disease, blindness, nerve damage, kidney disease, poor memory in case of the elderly..

Diagnosis is life-alerting. We need to make lifestyle changes and monitor. This may be portrayed as ‘simple’ but ask the people who are suffering. This is not necessarily easy to manage.

A Secret: Let us bring you back to the road of wellness. The good news is that we may be able to control blood glucose levels with a combination of proper diet, exercise and some food SUPPLEMENTS containing Chromium, Magnesium, Manganese and B vitamins.

  1. Let us take the case of another common health threat – Osteoporosis. Do you know that osteoporosis fractures can be deadly especially when they occur in the hip or spine? But it is important to realize that this life-threatening disease is preventable and treatable. If one is willing to modify his lifestyle and food choices, supplementation and healthy diet can again go a long way to help prevent it. We may know that calcium is needed for strong bones but many of us may not know that in order for the bones to be strong, calcium also requires magnesium, vitamin D, Vitamin C with bioflavonoids.
  2. A word about Vaccines. Many influenza vaccines are being developed to prevent viruses such as SARS..they may improve immunity but only for a limited time and for limited individuals. Beyond these limits, their success rate drops. Each year medical science develops a new vaccine because the virus keeps on growing powerful year after year.

Getting out of the spell of diseases

We need to understand that there is no magic bullet medicine for our ailments.  As we can see, many of us are operating in emptiness, a void regarding our understanding of nutrition and the role that health supplements can play in supporting our natural defenses. We need to work on a natural level.

Power of our Immune System

We should be aware of the incredible healing power of our own body and the need to maintain its healthy and natural state. One of our body’s main defenses is our immune system, our internal physician which is on call 24 hrs per day protecting us against the outside attack of bacteria, virus and toxins.

But unfortunately we have weakened our immune system. So it is time to make some changes. While some of us may argue that they are pretty healthy and don’t need to change. I will ask them to rethink if they are really healthy or just coping with their problems.

For e.g. if you have any of these symptoms you are merely coping….Allergies, asthma, cholesterol, high BP, constipation, frequent colds, insomnia, mood swings, weight problems, rashes, stomach pain, tonsillitis or any other symptom. Believe me, we were not meant to cope with these. We were meant to be in complete health naturally. 

Using health supplements play a proactive role in supporting the body’s natural defenses.  So get ready to fill up this void with your knowledge of nutrition and make informed choices for you and your family. 

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Author: Latika Sawhney

Latika Sawhney is an expounder & entrepreneur in the wellness domain. She is also an adept freelancer in web content writing. Using suitable literary devices, along with the knowledge of modern business curves, she endeavors to manifest vital facts to the reader. Her purpose is to provide important information in a coherent manner to make better choices.

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