Supplements, do you need them?

Our lives would be much easier if we were born with something like a user’s manual containing information on how to build our health and remain in the pink. Yet, the good news is, we are indeed born with the wisdom to discern between the right and erroneous ways in regard to our health.

With that said, let us ponder over this statement:

“If your diet is wrong then Medicine is of no use
If the diet is right then Medicine is not required.”

The causal nexus of medicine and food

The medicine we need is the result of wrong food patterns and the diet suggestions that follow are an arrangement to offset the after effects of the medicine. Let us catch its essence:

Medicine is obligatory when we notice the symptoms of a disease or sickness. We visit a doctor to get the treatment. He gives us a suitable medicine and diet plan which includes a few healthy choices or maybe certain food restrictions to be followed. We take the course of medicine and follow up while pursuing a new, improved version of our diet. Sooner or later, it all ends with a healthy diet that suits us. And, if we don’t follow it, illness may repeat itself and medicines are of no use because medicines treat the symptoms rather than the root cause of our disease. That root cause is mostly due to our wrong eating habits which lead to accumulation of toxins in our body.

Here we should be able to see the important link and that is – It all starts and ends with a healthy diet. There is a clear connection between a well-balanced diet and good health. The day we realize this connection and start making the right food choices, we will be leading a healthy life.

Are we getting the required nutrition from food?

With that said, let us peep further into the sequence. Our bodies require good quantity and quality of nutrition to remain healthy. Foods that contain this, aid in our metabolic function. However, there are many who consume healthy foods and yet complain of deficiency related diseases. What can be the reason?

The evidence is all around. It is present in the deteriorating quality of air, water, and food. As an example, consider today’s farming methods. They are depleting the natural mineral content of our land and soil, and we can no longer rely on our foods to completely provide us with the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. The amount of Vitamin C which our ancestors used to get from one orange now takes around 8 oranges!

Role of Nutritional supplements for good health

This is the reason why most people are turning towards nutritional health supplements to improve the quality of their health. If not now, then later they may face the same problems. No thanks to the use of pesticides, artificial flavouring, and emulsifiers in food products, pollution spreading in the air, water and land! Moreover, the use of drugs and medicines for treating acute conditions reduces the important ‘life force’ and is certainly not the solution.

 How to determine a good supplement?

 So how can we determine a good supplement? Consider these tips:

  1. It should be made from natural sources.
  2. Another qualification yardstick which takes a high rank is the ethical attitude of the company and people involved in manufacturing them. They should not test these products on animals or insects.
  3. Find out an authentic user instead of buying from a sheer salesperson.
  4. Check standards and seals of approval.
  5. Go for age and gender-specific nutrition.

Using health supplements is a judicious choice to go back to nature and natural food products of good quality. Along with it, integrate yoga and other natural therapies in your life and be a part of this need-based wellness revolution.


Author: Latika Sawhney

Latika Sawhney is an expounder & entrepreneur in the wellness domain. She is also an adept freelancer in web content writing. Using suitable literary devices, along with the knowledge of modern business curves, she endeavors to manifest vital facts to the reader. Her purpose is to provide important information in a coherent manner to make better choices.

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